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Archaeologists found 1800s ship in Boston

Archaeologists found 1800s ship in Boston

Boston archaeologists were really surprised, when construction firm Skanska informed on historical finding last week. Skanska specialists found 1800s ship in Seaport District, Boston. A sunken, burnt ship of the 19th century uncovered, and on Friday it was given a 3D scanning by archaeologists.

Boston archaeologist Joe Bagley said it’s the first time a shipwreck has been found in that zone of the city. The most surprising thing is cargo is mostly intact. The ship, a wooden sloop at least 50 feet long from the end 1800s, was uncovered late last week during construction at 121 Seaport Boulevard. It was found about 25 feet below grade.

In the late 1800s, that section of Boston Harbor was filled in. Now this part of the city became home for luxury condos, upscale restaurants, as well as office buildings. Archaeologist Joe Bagley called that finding “pretty remarkable,” since at the time ships typically would have been completely scavenged of their valuables within days of being wrecked.

Skanska’s head said that construction will to start up again this week, but old ship itself will be impossible to recover. Opportunity of 3D scanning, however, gave to the scientists enough food for thought regarding Boston history. “It’s really cutting edge technology that’s going to give us the best records ever taken of an archaeological example of anything in Boston,” said Bagley.