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Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t finalize $400m divorce from Maria Shriver

Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t finalize $400m divorce from Maria Shriver

Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t surprised when Maria Shriver filed for divorce six years ago, he cheated her. But even six years after, Mr Olympia didn’t finalize a $400m divorce from estranged wife.

Hollywood divorce of the century still doesn’t finalize. While Maria would like the divorce to become final, Arnold is not taking the necessary steps to end the marriage. The happy couple married in 1986 and split in 2011 after Shriver found out Arnold secretly had love child Joseph Baena with their longtime maid Mildred.

Maria’s and Arnold’s teams have since been working on splitting their $400m fortune as the couple of 25 years did not have a prenup.

But now that the divorce is ready to be finalized, the Terminator star is dragging his feet, according to a Thursday report from TMZ.

Meanwhile, Maria would like to move forward.

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Schwarzenegger revealed during an interview on Fox’s OBJECTified that the divorce was not yet final.

She had filed in July 2011 after his affair with the maid had been made public.

Shriver was reportedly devastated because she was friends with the maid, who had been working in their LA home for many years, and trusted her.

Arnold and Maria are still good friends

For Maria, the most painful moment in her life was finding out the father of the maid’s son was actually her husband was crushing. The couple has four children together: Katherine, 27, Christina, 26, Patrick, 24, and Christopher, 20. Josef Baena is also a 20-year-old guy who is going to be an actor like his famous dad.

Since 2011 and painful split, she has seemed to be on good terms with Arnold. The wise woman and caring mother allowed the family dinners at the Hotel Bel-Air and other supportive family events.

The personal life of Arnold is rather successful, Arnold has been with blonde girlfriend Heather Mulligan for years. Despite all these details of the separated lives of Arnold and Maria, the ex-husband does not want to part with half of their shared $400m fortune. probably, the ex-governor of California does not want to lose hope that he can mend things with Maria Shriver.