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Arnold Schwarzenegger: The self-made man is a myth

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The self-made man is a myth

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a powerful speech in front of University Houston auditorium. That Friday speech caused the discussion in the social media – the ex-governor of California noted in speech that the “self-made man” concept is wrong and explained why.

The Hollywood A-lister and father-of-four Arnold Schwarzenegger is always ready to share his rich live experience with the next generation. On Friday, the Terminator star came to the University of Houston and made the commencement address. He told students that common using concept of a ‘self-made man’ is a myth. There is no man without the community, explained the lecturer.

The former host of NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” said that he wouldn’t be where he is without the help of many other people, including “my parents, my mentors, my teachers.”

The Celebrity Apprentice

Arnold Schwarzenegger surprised students in Houston

The actor and bodybuilder surprised the students when he started to tell about the help of others and helping to other people. Both these processes are interconnected in daily life much stronger than we thought, “Don’t just think about yourself,” Schwarzenegger warned.

“It’s important to recognise that at every step of the way, I had help. It’s important to acknowledge that,” 

and added,

‘As soon as you understand that you are here because you had a lot of help, you realise you need to help others.’

As if to underline his point about the importance of valuing the community’s needs and not simply one’s own, he opted to forego the $40,000 honorarium, appearing at the graduation event for free.

Schwarzenegger Houston speech

The speech of the actor echoed the progressive Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who told an audience in 2011 “You didn’t build that” speech, that “there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. Nobody.”