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The aroma of chocolate chip cookies boosts coffee sales: Study

The aroma of chocolate chip cookies boosts coffee sales: Study

The aroma and smell make boost the sales, says the recent study of Swedish scientists from the Karlstad University’s Service Research Centre (CTF). According to the results, smells we detect outside shops have an impact on our wish to make purchases.

Swedish research team decided to clear, whether the smell makes us spend money? The experiment has answered questions on the link between the good and simple smell near/inside shops and our intention to spend some money in them.

The research team recruited 100 persons on the Stockholm street, they were equipped with special eye-tracking glasses. This gadget made available for the researchers to see exactly what catches the consumers’ eye. That’s what an important moment.

The participants were unaware on the preparation prior to the experiment: the researchers used the vaporiser that pumped out the smell of chocolate chip cookies as they strolled past a Stockholm café. As a result, the volunteers reacted to the choco-smell near café much often than the advertising signs. The Associate professor Poja Shams explains:

“Café-related scents drew attention to the café and increased recollections of the sight. This in turn raises the intention to buy.”

Thus, the aroma of chocolate chip cookies makes a lot to the coffee business, if you want to attract client, use this good idea. Just fill the air with the ambient scent of fresh roasted coffee beans and fresh-baked rolls, cakes or cookies.