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Asian investor jailed, fined for offering bribe to official in Dubai

Asian investor jailed, fined for offering bribe to official in Dubai

The Dubai Criminal Court’s verdict says that an Asian investor should be jailed for one year for offering Dhs10,000 as a bribe. An investor from the Asian region has offered a bribe to a customer service employee at a government body centre, MEMO said.

In addition to jailing and fine, the Asian investor will be deported after serving his sentence, Court ruled. The Asian businessman offered a bribe in return for changing the commercial name of an administrative consulting company to a company for running and managing investments, without changing the company’s commercial activity in the licence, or obtaining the approval of the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).

The case dates back to July 2021, when the female employee submitted a complaint alerting that a client offered her Dhs10,000 to change the activity of a commercial licence.

The employee said she told the suspect that was illegal and could not be done without submitting the approval from the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA).

The employee stated in the interrogations that the suspect repeated his request, but she refused, and he told her he would gift her a car, but she ignored his request.

She informed her manager who told her to pretend she had agreed until he informed the Department of Economic Development and the Police.

Later, when the suspect returned after the employee told him that she is ready to accept the ‘deal,’ the police arrested him red handed.

On being interrogated, he confessed to the crime and the prosecution referred him to the Criminal Court.