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Assange keeps Hillary hanging: a huge leak before the US election

Assange keeps Hillary hanging: a huge leak before the US election

Hillary Clinton has a lot of secrets, many of them belong to the state affairs. But Julian Assange believes in the triumph of truth, the founder of WikiLeaks assures that the voters need to know all about their Democratic candidate, The Daily Mail reports today. That’s why Assange warned Clinton on forthcoming release a huge batch of documents that Hillary would prefer not to publish.

Julian Assange knows very well that Hillary Clinton has a million secrets, many of them American will know before the US presidential elections. The fact of the publication of very sensitive data related to Hillary’s work as a State Secretary, Assange founds logical. Before the elections, more than 1 million documents to be published, promised ubiquitous Julian. At the same time, Assange denied he is trying to torpedo Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

According to his video statement, Julian Assange planned to release new explosive documents over the next ten weeks. The WikiLeaks founder was speaking from the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

The organization WikiLeaks held a press conference to celebrate the organization’s tenth anniversary in Berlin amid intense speculation that Assange was going to release data which could torpedo Hillary Clinton’s campaign.