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Atlantic hurricane season exhausts list of names

Atlantic hurricane season exhausts list of names

The World Meteorological Organization reported that it has exhausted the regular list of storm names for the second consecutive year. In 2021, the Atlantic hurricane season has been so intensive that a new set of supplemental names was activated by the WMO.

The WMO has announced that for any forthcoming tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin, the name will be picked from the new, extended list. For instance, current tropical Storm Wanda, which is moving deep in the central Atlantic, is the last-named storm on the regular 2021 list. If another named system enters into force, it will be known as Adria.

The UN meteorological body maintains rotating lists of names in alphabetical order for tropical cyclones to alert the public of potential hazards. Male and female names are alternated, and the lists are used every six years. If a hurricane is particularly devastating or deadly, its name is retired and a new one selected.

In March, WMO’s Hurricane Committee decided to use a new supplemental list of names rather than the Greek alphabet. The Greek alphabet was used for only the second time on record in 2020, but it created a distraction from the communication of hazard and storm warnings and was potentially confusing.