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Car bomb explosion in Kabul kill at least 24

Car bomb explosion in Kabul kill at least 24

Car bomb explosion in Kabul on Sept. 5 killed at least 24, and wounded 91 others, according to the officials. A powerful bomb explosion in the centre of Kabul on Monday followed previous Taliban suicide attack, which was registered near the Defence Ministry.

Car bomb explosion in the capital of Afghanistan killed at least 24 people, say the officials. According to the Defence Ministry, the security climate in the capital is worsening, on Monday were registered two terror attacks, in which died many senior security officials, too. The death toll of two attacks is 24 died and 91 people wounded. Police said, there was no claim of responsibility.

It worth to note, in one month Brussels welcomes a conference where international donors are expected to pledge continued financial support to Afghanistan. So, the recent attacks just underline the importance of the forthcoming event and trying of third parties to impede the forum.

The foreign partners of Afghanistan concerned about the ability of the security forces to withstand Taliban violence at the moment. It is not the first time for the partner countries to pledge support at the Brussels conference.