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Australia will buy “smart” sea mines.

Australia will buy “smart” sea mines.

Australia will buy “smart” sea mines dropped from submarines, ships and aircraft for its armed forces, military magazine ADM reported on Wednesday.

According to him, the country’s Ministry of Defense chose RWM Italia, a contractor for the German military concern Rheinmetall AG, for this.

The contract for the purchase of mines provides for the transfer of technology and know-how from Australia for the further production of naval mines.

“The rapidly deployable and technologically advanced smart mines will take Australia’s defense a step further,”  Air Marshal Leon Phillips, who is in charge of guided warheads, said.

According to him, the level of technology acquired by Australia “will bring the country’s armed forces to the forefront of modern weapons.”

“Naval mines will be operated in Australia and some elements may be produced here, possibly including explosives,” Phillips said.

The number and types of sea mines that Australia acquires are classified, ADF notes. However, it is known that their deliveries will begin in 2023.