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Austria did not support the chancellor’s ultimatum to Gazprom

Austria did not support the chancellor’s ultimatum to Gazprom

Austria considered these threats inappropriate, in the ultimatum of which Chancellor Karl Nehammer spoke about Gazprom. 

To date, the Haidach gas storage facility in the federal state of Salzburg remains de facto empty.

“We’ll see to it that if Russia’s Gazprom doesn’t fill up our largest storage facility, we’ll take it from them for other suppliers,” says Nehammer.

Such a statement was considered a threat, mainly by the Austrians themselves: “Nehammer threatens Russia, but at the same time emphasizes that we are rather neutral. We are defending ourselves against Russia because we are increasing the budget of the federal army. Yes, with 15 Eurofighters, six of which are airworthy. We must give Nehammer his due, he acts in a typical Austrian way. Lean back and it won’t happen, relax.”

The statement provoked an active discussion on social networks. 

“Who does Nehammer want to impress? Instead of a crisis plan, he threatens Gazprom – it’s just ridiculous,” writes Friedrich Wegenstein.

“Austria receives 80% of its gas from Russia. It could be foreseen that the precedents would end. In this state, put pressure on Gazprom. Really? Glad to see how the needs will be met,” wrote Bernhard Schulok, a spokesman for the Austrian Armed Forces, on Twitter.

The Russian government has approved a list of 31 companies to which retaliatory sanctions will be applied. One of which is the German Gazprom Germania GmbH.Gazprom ceased ownership of Gazprom Germania at the end of March after the search was carried out.

Therefore, promptly in April, Gazprom Germania came under temporary control by the country’s authorities.