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Austria investigates two companies related to VW diesel scandal

Austria investigates two companies related to VW diesel scandal

Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW CEOs are going to meet ministers and state leaders to win political support to avoid driving bans in exchange for further improvements to existing cars to lower their pollution, Bloomberg reports. Austria investigates the links between two companies and dieselgate.

Two companies and top executives were under investigation in Austria for suspected serious fraud, environmental offences and financial crimes in relation to the VW’s emissions scandal. Obviously, so-called dieselgate to be spreading further with a regulatory probe in Austria though details are scarce.

The European Commission is urging all its member nations to investigate how cars perform on emissions tests and to determine whether they have software that turns on emissions control systems only when the car is undergoing an official test, as the Volkswagen cars were found to do.

Dieselgate consequences in Austria: investigation is not over

The meeting of top German automakers CEOs on Wednesday was called by the government. The automakers were discussing the future of diesel, clouded by the Volkswagen scandal.

According to the spokeswoman for the WKStA, a prosecutors’ office said investigations aren’t over. They’ll take, at least several years because the knot of the financial and economic crimes is huge. The name of the companies or individuals involved weren’t revealed, however.