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Austria plans to become carbon-neutral by 2040

Austria plans to become carbon-neutral by 2040

To become carbon neutral country by 2040 is a newly declared aim of Austria’s government. As The Local Austria reports, Sebastian Kurz and the Greens have developed a national strategy of economy’s decarbonization in the next two decades.

Austria’s opposition leaders have already criticized the new coalition, saying the Greens have failed to make a mark, FPÖ leader Norbert Hofer said the programme contained “mainly hot air”.

Meanwhile, Austria’s first Conservative-Green coalition government plans to become the first European carbon-neutral country by 2040.

The ‘green’ alliance means People’s Party (ÖVP) leader Sebastian Kurz returns as chancellor after his previous coalition with the far-right broke apart last summer owing to a bribery scandal.

In other terms, it marks the first time the Greens enter government on a national level, despite the difference in the vision of Austria’s future – ÖVP holds on to controversial anti-immigration measures that have deeply divided Austrians.

Mr Kogler confirmed that “it’s worth the gamble” to work with the conservatives. He has presented the government programme on how to achieve the goal, a carbon-neutrality, for Austria.

The 2040 goal means greenhouse gas emissions are balanced with measures that absorb or eliminate carbon. Achieving this goal in 2040 for Austria means to become a forerunner among other EU states in their 2050 ambition.

Kogler’s 300-page government programme highlights security needs, the conservatives’ main campaign platform. Among a raft of proposals, the programme spells out that all energy should come from renewable resources by 2030 and for more to be invested in public transport.