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Austria withdraws AstraZeneca batch as nurse death probed

Austria withdraws AstraZeneca batch as nurse death probed

Austria’s prosecutors have initiated the necessary investigation after a nurse who received the AstraZeneca vaccine has died. The National Office for Health System Safety (BASG) said late on Sunday they will definitively rule out any possible link.

Austria will stop using doses from one batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine while the death of it is investigated. The decision had been taken as a precaution, BASG added in its statement.

In fact, there was “no evidence of a causal link” between the jab and the 49-year-old nurse’s death. She died two days after having the vaccine from “severe blood coagulation problems” at a hospital in the town of Zwettl. In addition, another vaccinated in Zwettl woman developed a pulmonary embolism but is now getting well. The second jab was from the same AstraZeneca batch.

An autopsy’s results expected in the coming weeks, BASG added.

“Based on the known clinical data, a causal relationship cannot be established, as thrombotic events are not one of the typical side effects of the vaccination,” the BASG statement said.

So far, no judicial steps would be taken against the hospital, the prosecutors said. There were no anomalies in the delivery, storage or administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine. None has been linked to the vaccine.