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Automakers turn to hackers for help in improving cybersecurity

Automakers turn to hackers for help in improving cybersecurity

The automobiles became a computer on wheels today, that’s why leading US automakers decided to ask hackers for help in improving cybersecurity. Recent years, hacking has become one of the auto industry’s biggest issues because of electronic controls and infotainment systems in the modern cars.

The automakers scheduled for this coming week a major cybersecurity conference in Detroit. According to the statistical data, the reason for the most of the reported incidents is vehicle vulnerabilities. Hackers can be a great help for manufacturers of the cars as detectors of possible problems as well as the specialists in the improving the cybersecuritiy.

Cyber vulnerabilities are often a reason for recalling a number of cars, the recent sample may be Nissan; the Japanese automaker shut down a smartphone app used to control the Leaf battery-car because of potential cyberproblems. According to Saar Dickman from the Israeli TowerSec, the situation is getting worse because the hackers are able now to control the modern car remotely:

“You want to embrace innovation, but you have to understand the risks that come with it.”