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Aviation strike in Italy leads to flight cancellations

Aviation strike in Italy leads to flight cancellations

Several low-cost airlines in Italy canceled a total of 360 flights on Wednesday due to a strike by their employees’ unions, Claudio Tarlazzi, head of one due to UIL Trasporti unions, said.

The strike affected the largest of the low-cost airlines: they suffered flight interruptions during the four hours in which the strike was announced. Thus, Easyjet personnel interrupted work from 13:00 to 17:00 local time, Ryanair pilots and flight personnel remained on the ground from 10:00 to 14:00. The strike was also attended by employees of Wizz Air, Malta Air, Volotea and employees of airport ground services.

The airports of Milan, Bergamo and the island of Sardinia were the most affected, where a total of 4,000 passengers felt the consequences.

Airline employees are dissatisfied with the difficult working conditions and the discrepancy between the level of wages and the provisions of the national contract, the lack of sick leave and days off.

“Working for these companies takes away respect from work,” Tarlazzi said.

UIL Trasporti also blames Ryanair for the decision “not to provide guaranteed meals for crew members” and, in the absence of reciprocal steps, promises to hold new strikes that “affect the entire summer season.”