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Bacteria use their own pumps to collect magnesium

Bacteria use their own pumps to collect magnesium

Researchers from Norway discovered have identified a nano-sized magnesium pump, which is collecting magnesium. This joint research project gathered the scientists from the Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway at University of Oslo. Their research has demonstrated exactly how sensitive the bacteria’s transport system is.

A researcher Jens Preben Morth explains the importance of magnesium in the organism and how the scientists manipulated an E. coli bacterium to learn its overproduction with the help of their own magnesium pump.

According to the report of a research group, the aid of enzyme kinetics was extremely worth. Being used a special method of analysing chemical reactions, the Norwegian researchers have obtained a calculation of the sensitivity to magnesium. It’s amazing! Moreover, the lab tests helped to discover unique lipid components — they are assisting the E. coli bacteria in this process.

As Morth noted, the magnesium deficiency can be deadly for bacteria, that’s why our wise body’s cells have developed a mechanism. It just removes magnesium and other metals from bacteria when they attack our cells. Jens Preben Morth added:

“Among other functions, magnesium acts a stabilizer of a genetic material in both humans and bacteria. We envisage that further studies can be used to develop biological sensors for magnesium.”