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Baku handed over a draft peace agreement to Yerevan, Aliyev’s representative said.

Baku handed over a draft peace agreement to Yerevan, Aliyev’s representative said.

Negotiations in Yevlakh may lead to the conclusion of a peace treaty between Baku and Yerevan; the draft treaty has already been transferred to Armenia, Azerbaijani Presidential Representative for Special Assignments Elchin Amirbekov said on Sky News Arabia on Thursday.

A delegation of Armenians from Karabakh earlier on Thursday left the Azerbaijani city of Yevlakh, where negotiations were held with the Azerbaijani delegation. During the negotiations, issues of reintegration of Armenians living in Karabakh were discussed.

The meeting took place the day after the ceasefire agreements in Karabakh.

“At the meeting, formats for the reintegration of the Armenians of Karabakh were discussed… We think that this dialogue can have a positive impact on the peace process between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The two countries began to discuss a peace treaty that could put an end to decades of crisis and hostility,” Amirbekov said.

According to him, the peace treaty between the countries will contain five points based on international law, in particular, both countries will be obliged not to interfere in each other’s affairs. “We have handed over the draft peace agreement to the Armenian side, we are waiting for their reaction,” Amirbekov said.

According to him, a separate agreement with the Armenians of Karabakh is not required.

On September 19, Azerbaijan began “local anti-terrorist measures” to restore the constitutional order in Karabakh. Yerevan called what was happening aggression and stated that there were no Armenian units in the region. A day later, through the mediation of Russian peacekeepers, an agreement on a ceasefire was reached; among the conditions of the truce, in particular, the disarmament of Armenian forces and the withdrawal of heavy equipment from Karabakh were outlined.