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Barack Obama asks for more foreign investments for US

Barack Obama asks for more foreign investments for US

Barack Obama openly invited foreign companies to invest money in the US and choose the country as a basis for their manufacture.

The American President made this statement today. Obama used an agricultural tech company from India as an example of the success of this strategy.

“At that same (2015) summit, an agricultural tech company from Surat met economic development representatives from Missouri and within a year, it established its US headquarters in St Louis. We want more success stories like these,” he said in his address to the SelectUSA Investment Summit, an annual event aimed at attracting foreign investment into the US.

Obama mentioned that he wants to see more investments from foreign companies. The President also said he believes it’s the best business strategy for them. Obama hopes to see an improvement during the SelectUSA Investment summit. Some Indian companies already decided to take part in this annual event. The summit was created in 2011 and will be organized for the third time. The event is the first federal attempt to invite job-creating investments.

“Today, I am proud to announce a ninth hub based in Los Angeles that will design smart sensors to make all types of manufacturing more efficient. We have got more hubs on the way,” Obama said.

Barack Obama “promotes” African-American names

Beside his primary duties, the President indirectly helped to promote ethnic-sounding names in the black community. The statistics showed that Obama’s achievements inspired parents to give their children names that sound “more African-American”. This trend appeared after the President’s election in 2008.

The information appeared in the study of Texas A&M University that was published in the journal Ethnic and Racial Studies. Authors noticed that more “ethnic” names were chosen by African-Americans with different income and educational levels.

The study stated that the election of an African-American to the highest political seat in the country has elevated how African-Americans view themselves. Because of this, African-American parents choose to give ethnic names to their babies to demonstrate their desire to bask in the reflected glory of the president. Obama himself is named after his Kenyan father.