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Barack Obama dismissed from jury duty at Chicago courthouse

Barack Obama dismissed from jury duty at Chicago courthouse

Barack Obama said goodbye to his jury duty on Wednesday, the Cook County chief judge told reporters that ex-president would not be serving as a juror. The Secret Service was at the courthouse on Tuesday in anticipation of Obama’s appearance. 

The former American leader was dismissed from jury duty in Chicago on Wednesday, Timothy Evans decided that citizen Obama’s appearance at the court makes too much buzz. Everyone wants to shake his hand, to take an autograph and to make a selfie. All these unforced activities is a distraction for other jurors and total hell for the Secret Service.

On Wednesday morning, Barack Obama arrived for duty at the Richard J Daley Center in downtown Chicago, by noon, the Cook County chief judge announced a news that Mr Obama will not serve. According to Judge Evans, the ex-POTUS shook hands with other would-be jurors inside the jury assembly room and signed copies of his books that some had taken with them to court.

Citizen Obama dismissed from jury duty at Chicago courthouse

The appearance of the most popular in Chicago person at the courthouse created quite a stir. Barack Obama was photographed outside by people who heard on the news that ex-president would be coming to court. In the courthouse lobby, people craned their necks for a glimpse of Obama, wearing a sport coat and shirt but no tie, and took cellphone pictures of him.

The journalists tried to receive a comment from Michelle Obama but the former first lady head off to Las Vegas where she celebrates the birthday of Valerie Jarette, the old good family friend and ex-colleague of President Obama administration.

Like others, the former American leader would have been in line to be paid $17.20 a day for jury duty.