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Barack Obama headed to an island to write White House memoir

Barack Obama headed to an island to write White House memoir

Barack Obama spent eight years in the White House, the former American leader knows a lot of interesting and exclusive things about the hub of the world democracy and Mr Obama is ready to tell about it to the readers in his upcoming memoir, The Washington Post informs. On Monday, Obama landed on Tetiaroa island for work on his book.

This week, Barack Obama reportedly headed to an island to work on his memoir about the eight interesting and fruitful years in the White House. In February, the former American leader and his spouse Michelle landed a hefty book deal with Simon & Schuster. It’s time to start the reminiscence, so, Obamas have chosen the favourite island of Marlon Brando as a place for the inspiration.

Obamas post-presidency vacation on the island

To be beach-bound for Michelle and Barack Obama is the most wonderful thing, in March, ex-president planned to work on his upcoming book on Tetiaroa, the island once owned by Marlon Brando.


Barack Obama and his memoir

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama signed a $65 million book deal for their books with Simon & Schuster. According to the deal, the ex-first couple will write two separate books.

Following his time in the White House, Obama has gotten in a significant amount of beach time. He has travelled to Palm Springs, the Caribbean, and Hawaii in the weeks following Donald Trump’s inauguration. The former president even went kite-surfing in the British Virgin Islands with Richard Branson.