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Barack Obama leaves great legacy for the USA according to surveys

Barack Obama leaves great legacy for the USA according to surveys

Barack Obama achieved great results in spite of critics opinion. According to Pew Global Attitudes’s surveys, the current American president made his country great again in the eyes of own and European communities.

American President was criticized by different politicians like the representative of Republicans Donald Trump. However, current surveys of Pew Global Attitudes showed that Barack Obama wasn’t so bad ruler and was able to make the USA great again at least in people’s eyes. The research included North American countries (the US and Canada), 10 European and 4 major Asia-Pacific nations. Charts based on the survey’s results showed Obama left a good basis for his successor.

First of all, Obama got higher ratings in participated countries than former President George Bush. For example, the variable changed from about 20% in 2008 to 86% in 2016 in Germany. Obama’s presidency also made international community change opinion about the American economy. For the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, Europeans now recognize the United States and not China as the most powerful economy in the world. This fact can oppose critics’ opinion that Obama’s rating became higher in other countries because of his political weakness. Pew’s charts showed changes in the American society too. People in the US reviewed their opinion about the own economy and think it is on higher position than Chinese, like the European community do.

When Obama was elected, the United States was not terribly well-liked in the world. By the time he was sworn in, a growing share of the world’s population – including Americans – believed that American power and influence were on the wane. Nearly eight years later, the United States is looked upon more favorably in most (although not all) parts of the globe, and perceptions of American economic power have returned to pre-2008 levels. Americans themselves have greater confidence in the relative power of the U.S. economy than at any time in the post-2008 era.

Barack Obama in early years

It looks like improved opinion of the world community isn’t the only legacy that will be left by Barack Obama. The Internet got an old yearbook’s photo, where young President and his classmates participated in a protesting homework.

obama child

Clearly, even as a child, Obama was fighting for rights of the people, specifically the right to have our evenings and weekends to ourselves. If only we could make this a law today.