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Barack Obama pays surprise visit to Washington DC school

Barack Obama pays surprise visit to Washington DC school

Barack Obama is full of surprises, on Tuesday, the ex-president paid a visit to the school in Washington DC. The students were delighted and happy when Mr Obama just walks into their classroom unannounced.

Barack Obama did a lot for the changing and improving the education system in the US over eight years of his presidency. Now, he has enough time to check how it is – on Tuesday, he paid a surprise visit to the one of Washington DC school, his appearance in the classroom seemed to be an unbelievable event. The former President has delighted students at once and for all.

Pupils at McKinley Tech High school were excited, the chance to see Barack Obama right here and right now is one for million. the students gasped at the sight of the ex-president, who has largely avoided the public eye since leaving office.

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The surprise visit, video of which was shared on Mr Obama’s Instagram account. According to Mr Obama’s spokesman, that event became a part of “supporting the next generation of leaders”.

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As pupils reacted in an apparent state of disbelief at the surprise visitor, the former leader added:

‘One of the things that I did throughout my presidency was I’d meet with groups of young people everywhere I went, whether it was here in the United States, or travelling overseas just to kind of hear from them, find out what they’re interested in,’

the former president added.