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Barack Obama to visit Edinburgh for charity fundraiser

Barack Obama to visit Edinburgh for charity fundraiser

Barack Obama is going to visit next month, on May, 26, the ex-president of the US will attend the event at the EICC, which is being organised by The Hunter Foundation. This Edinburgh charity dinner will be the first one in the post-presidency period.

The former American leader Obama will be in Scotland, on May, 26 he planned to address business leaders and to urge them to help children. It is worth to note, Barack Obama is not the first ex-president who attend theirs charity dinner – Bill Clinton did it as well, urging for raise the funds for the charity purposes.

According to the preliminary schedule, Mr Obama will also answer questions from the audience at the event, which aimed at the raising money for charity.

Barack Obama for Hunter FoundationThe dinner in Edinburgh on 26 May is thought to be one of his first major addresses in the post-presidency period of Barack Obama’s wife. The event at the EICC is being organised by The Hunter Foundation, it was established by philanthropist, businessman Sir Tom Hunter. The organisers said that the tickets for a table of 10 on May, 26 will go on sale for are expecting £5,000.

Charity and fundraising event with Obama as the speaker

The charity dinner aimed at the cash raising, the entire amount will be split between children’s Scottish charities and the Obama Foundation. Sir Hunter wants to involve a youth into the charity dinner, there will be several places for the next generation’s representatives as well.

“From the South Side of Chicago to the White House has been an epic, historic journey and it will be a true honour to hear that story from the man who made that journey. We are both truly proud and delighted to be hosting the 44th president of the United States in Scotland at this event,”

added Sir Hunter.