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Beach clashes lead to third French burqini ban

Beach clashes lead to third French burqini ban

France is tired of Islam and all its manifestations, and after the bloody terrorist attack on July 14, the Frenches are not inclined to demonstrate no tolerance, neither hospitality. Burqini as one of the manifestations of the Islamic world irritates the Frenches. The mayors of the three cities in France have issued a formal order prohibiting burqini on the beaches. On Monday a mayor of Corsica announced the nation’s third ban on burqinis.

The burqini on the beaches of Corsica is not allowed. Such an order has issued the mayor of the village of Sisco, he follows identical prohibitions in the Riviera towns of Cannes and Villeneuve-Loubet. These cities of France just banned the garment from their beaches in recent weeks. And, of course, it makes a lot of noise. Many counted such a measure a very controversial one.

Ange-Pierre Vivoni as a mayor of Sisco and socialist explained the ban of burqini. He said he aimed to ‘protect the population’ of the village. On last Saturday after the clashes in a cove outside Sisco five people were hospitalized. The knifing was initiated by the families of North African origin, which were too angry with the tourists, who tried to take pictures of women swimming in burqinis.

Vivoni made a decision, and no burqini on the beaches of Sisco means more quiet beaches and more tourists. A ban the burqini was ‘not against the Muslim religion but to avoid the spread of fundamentalism,” added Ange-Pierre Vivoni:

“I am absolutely not racist. I want to protect the population, notably my area’s Muslim population because I think that they are the main victims of these extremist provocations.”