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Bees added to endangered species list in the US for the first time

Bees added to endangered species list in the US for the first time

Bees were always an indicator of the ecosystem’s health, last decade scientists from the US warn that common bees can die off. This year, the first time bees added to endangered species list in the US. On Friday, the federal authorities decided to protect seven Hawaian yellow-faced bee species by the adding them to the Endangered Species Act.

Bees became an endangered species, the first time in America. This week  the Endangered Species Act got bigger with the seven species of bees, Hawaii native ones. Such a decision was made after the years of the researches, on governmental and private levels.

According to the conservation group The Xerces Society, bees need to be protected because their pollination activity. These invertebrates play a vital role in the health of the overall ecosystem.

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Bess are living in Hawaii everywhere, from coastal environments to high-elevation shrub lands. They are natural pollinators for the rare plants. Hawaii-based entomologist Karl Magnacca worked with Xerces during 10 years. He said: “It’s good to see it to finally come to fruition. People tend to focus on the rare plants, and those are important, that’s a big part of the diversity.”

It worth to note that plants are not only food and nesting habitat for the bees, but they also provide habitat for other animals. The circle of life in action!