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Beijing responded to Biden’s words about China’s “colossal problems”.

Beijing responded to Biden’s words about China’s “colossal problems”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning, commenting at a briefing on Wednesday on US President Joe Biden’s words about China’s “colossal problems”, expressed hope that the United States will solve its own internal problems and contribute to world stability.

Earlier, the White House journalist pool reported that US President Joe Biden said that China had “enormous problems,” but did not go into details.

“I am not aware of these statements. I think that any country, including the United States, may encounter problems in the course of its development and progress,” Mao Ning said.

According to the diplomat, China has a powerful leadership of the Communist Party and follows the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

“Thanks to the unity of the entire Chinese people and their hard work, we have the ability and confidence that we will be able to solve the problems on the path of development and achieve better and larger development,” she said.

We hope that the United States will be able to focus on solving its domestic problems and play a constructive role in ensuring stability and prosperity throughout the world,” Mao Ning added.

Relations between China and the United States are at an extremely tense stage. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s visit to Beijing on June 18-19 was intended to soften differences, but shortly after his return, US President Joe Biden used the word “dictator” for Chinese leader Xi Jinping. This statement aroused sharp indignation in Beijing, which reproached Washington for hypocrisy. Another protest of Chinese diplomacy was caused by the presentation and arrest last week of Chinese citizens in the case of supplying chemicals to Mexico for the production and subsequent sale of synthetic drugs in the United States.