Today: Saturday, 25 May 2024 year

Belarus announced its imminent entry into the SCO.

Belarus announced its imminent entry into the SCO.

The entry of Belarus into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is a matter of the near future, it will happen in the near future, Sergei Syrankov, a member of the Permanent Commission on International Affairs of the Belarusian House of Representatives told.

Earlier, Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said that it is necessary to intensify the process of Minsk’s entry into the SCO.

“This is a question of the near future, it is too early to talk about specific dates, but I think this will happen in the near future,” Syrankov said.

The task of Belarus joining the SCO, he added, was set by President Alexander Lukashenko, and the foreign policy situation over the years has evolved in such a way that Belarus in the SCO has turned from an observer into a full participant, with which the association itself agrees.

“This is an important step towards improving the level of international relations of the SCO member countries, since Belarus has become a platform for resolving disputes within certain states, but also between states,” the deputy concluded.

According to him, today both the West and the United States and their satellites regard Belarus as “an efficient and effective negotiating platform between the West and the East.”