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Belgian farmers threaten to blockade Brussels.

Belgian farmers threaten to blockade Brussels.

Belgian farmers may block Brussels in the coming days if the authorities do not meet them halfway, the Youth Farmers Federation said.

This could happen on Wednesday or Thursday.

Protests by Belgian farmers on Sunday and Monday have already led to traffic jams in the south of the country, as well as on the approaches to the Belgian capital.

Belgian agricultural producers followed the example of their colleagues from France and Germany, where such protests have been going on for several weeks. Farmers on tractors slow down traffic or stop it completely, blocking highways. On Monday, several tractor drivers reached Brussels.

Last Wednesday, about 200 farmers from France and other EU countries organized a protest outside the European Parliament building in the center of Brussels because of a pan-European policy, which, according to farmers, makes the work of small farms unprofitable and unprofitable. They argue that due to the ever-increasing restrictions associated with EU regulations, the revenue of agricultural producers is decreasing. Farmers complain they are struggling to compete with cheaper foreign imports coming into the EU from countries with free trade agreements.