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Belgium recommends Poland “not to play with fire” over EU dispute

Belgium recommends Poland “not to play with fire” over EU dispute

Belgium, a country founder of the European Union, warned Poland on Wednesday be more polite when it comes about the EU law. Disregarding bloc’s democratic and rule of law principles brings chaos only, The Independent reports.

Brussel sai that Warszaw shouldn’t treat the EU like “a cash machine” to boost its economic fortunes while the European law is disregarding.

“You cannot pocket all the money but refuse the values,” said Belgian prime minister Alexander De Croo on Wednesday.

As the Belgian top official said, Poland ‘plays with fire’when starts to disrespect the EU rules and law. PM De Croo added as well that his Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki should be be more circumspect.

Earlier, Morawiecki accused the EU of threatening “World War III” for insisting that Poland should respect the independence of the judiciary and the primacy of EU law.

Commenting on the Polish PM’s remarks, De Croo said Warszaw was “playing with fire when waging war with your European colleagues for internal political reasons.”

The comments follow years of disputes over changes Poland’s government has made to the country’s courts. The EU believes the changes erode democratic checks and balances, and the European Commission is holding up billions of euros to Poland earmarked in a pandemic recovery plan.