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Belgium to reopen borders, terraces next week

Belgium to reopen borders, terraces next week

Belgium will ease its health restrictions in the weeks to come, notably the reopening of the borders and cafe and restaurant terraces. As the prime minister noted, the so-called covid virus reproduction number has gone below one.

The Belgian officials said that from Monday 19 April, the schools will reopen for children up to 14-years old. For youngsters between 14 and 18, part-time education will be possible at the schools, the other half at home. PM Alexander De Croo said that the government has chosen a prudent but realistic opening.

On the advice of the Belgian Consultative Committee, de Croo added that “we haven’t received much good news from the hospitals, where more young people are in intensive care.”

Despite the upcoming easing, Croo also warned that Belgium is not fighting the same pathogen as during the 1st and 2nd wave anymore, but one that is much more aggressive and contagious. As of Wednesday, the health ministry said, the virus is not so strong already, EU Observer reported.

Non-essential travel will be possible again, with the borders reopening from 19 April. However, the police will keep checking travellers have completed the mandatory passenger location form. If all people 65+ have been vaccinated, and the numbers of hospitalised people dropped significantly, in June it will be possible for Belgium to have indoor cultural activities, indoor sport and fitness.