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Ben Carson threatens to leave the Republican Party

This Friday, U.S. Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson announced that he considers leaving the party and start an independent campaign for the White House. The announcement was made after he accused the leaders of the Republican Party of trying to manipulate the race for the 2016 nomination.

Trump might have already been chosen as GOP’s favorite

This statement comes one day after the leaders said the race for the White House is unpredictable and it could lead to a contested convention in July, when the Republican nominee will be announced. As for Ben Carson, he is almost convinced that the party leaders have already decided upon a favorite candidate, leaving him with no chances in the race.

“The party should not be doing anything that is deceptive and under the covers,” Carson told reporters in Burlington, Iowa.

Of course, it’s obvious that he was talking about Donald Trump, who is currently leading most polls. Still, it wasn’t like this all the time, as the former neurosurgeon had led polls of Republican voters, but over the past weeks, his support weakened, due to his lack of preparation and not-the-best-answers when it came to foreign policy.

What were they actually talking about?

A few days ago, Republican National Comitee Chairman Reince Priebus held a dinner in Washington, discussing with a substantial number of delegates the possibility of Trump heading into the Cleveland convention with a substantial number of delegates.

“If the leaders of the Republican Party want to destroy the party, they should continue to hold meetings like the one described in the Washington Post this morning,” Ben Carson said in a statement released by his campaign.

He also added that the report is incorrect, followed by threatening to leave the GOP. “If it is correct, every voter who is standing for change must know they are being betrayed. I won’t stand for it,” said Carson, who added that if the plot is accurate, “I assure you, Donald Trump won’t be the only one leaving the party.”

Ben Carson is seriously considering leaving the GOP

Finally, Ben Carson assured that it the Republican National Convention leaders will try to manipulate the result of the race for the White House, next summer’s Cleveland convention will be last one he will attend as a GOP member.

“I am prepared to lose fair and square, as I am sure is Donald,” he said. “But I will not sit by and watch a theft. I intend on being the nominee. If I am not, the winner will have my support. If the winner isn’t our nominee, then we have a massive problem.”

According to Reuters, RNC spokesman Sean Spice came with a response, after Ben Carson made all these claims. “Dr. Carson, don’t worry.” He also added that the discussions at this Monday’s dinner concerned the delegate selection process and nothing else.

As for Donald Trump’s position, he also threatened, repeatedly, to opt for an independent run for the White House if he won’t be treated right by the Grand Old Party.