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Berlusconi wants Ibrahimovic for his 3rd division team Monza

Berlusconi wants Ibrahimovic for his 3rd division team Monza

Zlatan Ibrahimovic ould be a great integral part to the third divizion team Monza, Silvio Berlusconi said. As The Local Sweden reports, the Italian mogul expressed his hope that the Swedish striker would sign for his modest, third division club Monza.

Berlusconi’s Monza ideas come amid reports the Swedish star is set to return to Italy. On Saturday, the Italian former prime minister told reporters on the sidelines of his Forza Italia political party’s event that Zlatan could be brought on the board of his club again.

In 2010, Ibrahimovic was a star of then-Berlusconi’s team, AC Milan.

“Ibrahimovic for Milan? I hope he comes to Monza,” former Italian Prime Minister said yesterday.

Despite Silvio Berlusconi decided to end his 30-year ownership of AC Milan in 2017, he is still watching the global football market. Two years ago, Milan, the seven-time European and 18-time Serie A champions, was sold to a consortium led by Chinese businessman Li Yonghong. In 2018, the US fund Elliott took over after Li defaulted on a loan to buy the FC.

Berlusconi’ football plans

Meanwhile, Mr Berlusconi purchased Monza in September 2018 for around three million euros having sold Milan for 740 million.

The club from the north-east of Milan tops Serie C so far. Knowing Berlusconi’s attitude to Ibrahimovic, the rumours on Swede’s returning to Italy are intensifying. Especially, after Zlatan’s saying in a recent interview: “See you soon in Italy”.

The Swedish striker played for two seasons between 2010 and 2012 with AC Milan, helping them to their last Serie A title. But time is flying, and, probably, it is time to join Monza.