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Berlusconi’s son assured that he was not going to engage in politics.

Berlusconi’s son assured that he was not going to engage in politics.

Director of the largest Italian private media group Mediaset, Piersilvio Berlusconi, said he was not going to go into politics after the death of his father, former prime minister and leader of the Forward Italia party, Silvio Berlusconi.

“Absolutely not, I’m not going into politics,” he told reporters in Milan at an event for his company.

According to Corriere della Sera, the 54-year-old businessman admitted that “from an emotional point of view” this thought came to him, but he has three reasons for refusing to participate in politics.

“I think that politics is a serious profession, it needs to be studied and learned, so it doesn’t seem right to me to rush like this, without experience. At the same time, you can’t leave things halfway: Mediaset is important, and I could not leave suddenly. Third the reason is that I don’t see any emergencies in the country: there is a government that the voters have voted for, and Forward Italy can guarantee its stability,” Berlusconi Jr. said.

According to Corriere, Silvio Berlusconi’s heirs may open his will on Wednesday. According to Forbes, as of April, the former Italian prime minister ranked third on the list of the country’s richest people, his fortune was estimated at $6.9 billion. The main part falls on the Fininvest family holding, a share in which will become the central point of the will. Berlusconi owned 61% of the holding, two-thirds of his share should now be equally divided among his five children.

Former Prime Minister, Senator Silvio Berlusconi died on June 12 at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan at the age of 87.