Today: Thursday, 25 April 2024 year

Bernie Sanders leads the Democratic race in New Hampshire

Although Hillary Clinton is favorite in the Demoratic race for the White House and leads in national and Iowa polling, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is the people’s choice in New Hampshire, at least for now, says CNN.

Clinton holds double-digit leads on both national and Iowa polling, but the latest CNN/WMUR poll tells another story in New Hampshire. Bernie Sanders is the one that tops the Democratic race, even though with a small margin.The poll finds 50% of likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire back Sanders, 40% Clinton and 1% former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, according to the same source.

Hillary Clinton is not to be ignored in NH

Still, a Sanders win in New Hampshire is not guaranteed. Clinton has gained 10 points since September, when Vice President Joe Biden took 14% of the vote in the last CNN/WMUR Poll. The Vermond Senator has gained four points over the same period.

The study even showed how the voters are divided. Among registered Democrats, 47% Clinton would vote for Clinton, while 40% would gave their vote to Bernie Sanders. The Senator wins big when it comes to the undeclared voters. 55% back Sanders, while 37% see Clinton as a future brilliant President. However, 48% of New Hampshire’s “undeclared” voters would back up a GOP candidate. 38% of then value the Democrats’ ideas.

People in New Hampshire seem to like Bernie Sanders more than Hillary Clinton, but they remain with their feet on the ground. 59% say they think Clinton is most likely to win the Democratic primary there, up from 42% saying so in September, and 70% say she’s got the best chance to win the general election next year, up from 51% in September, says CNN.

Sanders doesn’t seem to have the right experience

Sanders pluses are visible when it comes to his progressive credentials and issues relating to economic fairness, as 68% see Sanders as the most progressive in the field, compared to just 22% that have that trust in Hillary Clinton. But the former secretary of state is seen as best able to handle terrorism, especially ISIS, 58% to 25% for Sanders, and people thing that she has the right experience to be President.

But 46% of likely Democratic primary voters in New Hampshire are convinced that she is least honest out of the three remaining candidates, a roze from 33% in September and 28% back in June.

He will most likely win in New Hampshire

Certainly, Bernie Sanders has made a good impression to the New Hampshire voters.  83% of the likely Democratic voters have a positive feeling when it comes to the Vermont senator. For example, his main rival, Hillary Clinton, is at 68%, while O’Malley is well down-below, at 26%.

According to CNN, the poll was conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center by telephone from Nov. 30 through Dec. 7. The poll includes interviews with a random sample of 954 adult residents of New Hampshire, including 370 who say they plan to vote in the Democratic presidential primary. For results among the sample of likely Democratic primary voters, the margin of sampling error is plus or minus 5.1 percentage points.