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Bernie Sanders is optimistic after Washington, Alaska and Hawaii wins

Bernie Sanders is optimistic after Washington, Alaska and Hawaii wins

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is leading the Democratic race for the White House nomination, but Bernie Sanders is getting close to becoming a real threat. This weekend was excellent for the Vermont Senator, as he won the Alaska, Washington and Hawaii Democratic caucuses by decisive margins.

There’s no need to say that the three victories gave Mr. Sanders’ campaign a great boost, even giving him hopes about an unexpected comeback.

The Bern is still aiming big

“We knew things were going to improve as we headed west,” Bernie Sanders said in Madison, Wisconsin. “We are making significant inroads in … Clinton’s lead … We have a path toward victory.”

According to Fox News, the Senator won Alaska 81-to-18 percent, securing him 16 delegates, 68-32 in Hawaii, receiving 25 delegates, and, 72-26 in Washington, scoring this weekend’s biggest prize, 101 delegates.

Still, despite Bernie Sanders‘ win, Hillary Clinton is still leading, with a total of 1712 delegates (469 Super delegates included) while The Bern has a bit over 1000.

Impossible can be nothing

In order to win the nomination, a candidate needs 2383 votes, so some quick math reveals that Bernie Sanders needs to more than just double his current number, which can be considered a bit impossible.

This weekend’s result doesn’t come as a surprise though, as Mr. Sanders recently received several endorsements. He also maintained a positive attitude toward this weekend’s Democratic contests, despite struggling to obtain good results across the South. Also, the results show that Bernie Sanders is a popular candidate among younger and progressive Americans, while Hispanic and African-American voters tend to opt for Hillary Clinton.

Overall, we must agree that Bernie Sanders made a real impact on the Democratic race, after coming from basically nowhere. Also, he definitely had an impact on Hillary Clinton as well, since she would have preferred to focus more on Republicans during her campaign, but The Bern won’t quit that easy, says NPR.

We’re expecting to see an intense fight between the two candidates until June, with Mr. Sanders doing his best in order to avoid disappointing those who believe that he can actually win the nomination.

Will Sanders and Clinton team up?

Like mentioned above, it’s very difficult for the Senator to achieve this, considering the advantage his main competitor, Hillary Clinton, has. But this doesn’t mean that even though he won’t be the nominee, we won’t hear about him in the future.

What Mr. Sanders managed to achieve until now could definitely grant him a place in an eventual Clinton administration, but once again, let’s not hurry up with drawing conclusions. There are still a few months left until June and Bernie Sanders surely has a few aces hidden in his sleeve.