Today: Monday, 20 May 2024 year

Bernie Sanders Takes On Walmart

Showing once again his support for the common man, Senator Bernie Sanders, I-VT, has taken on the Walmart corporation for its exploitation of its workers and this time Sanders hit the $130 billion plus Walmart family square in the face with an honest pie.

Sanders took to Twitter, the social media communications network to lambaste the Walmart family. At present, Walmart pays minimum wage, cuts employee hours, doesn’t offer benefits and is the epitome of the user/exploit model of administration found far too often in business, government, and religious bodies. It’s gotten to the point that the American taxpayers are paying an additional $6 billion in economic support for Walmart’s employees who are in need of welfare and food stamps and other subsidies just to survive.

Walmart’s owners and stockholders are the culprits here because they care not about the workers and know they have the American public wrapped around their fingers. The public is too stupid, indifferent, uncaring, and uninformed to care about their fellow Americans in such desparate need. The reason being is that Walamart provides such cheap discounts that the American people have become figuratively addicted to the chain.

What’s worse is the lack of support from official sources. Walmart stock is good and is part of every investment portfolio. That unfortunately includes all police, military, all three branches of government employees, teachers, doctors, nurses, all unions in including construction. These stockholders don’t want to see their dividends drop so they won’t stand up to the suppression the Walmart family is putting on the workers. It’s much like what happened to Disney ten years ago. Employees and even high end execs had been complaining about the company and then leader Michael Eisner. Even with mountains of evidence regarding corruption and incompetence, the American people sat on their butts until the dividends dropped and they booted Eisner out in no time and now Disney is the biggest entertainment juggernaut on the planet.

Americans and law won’t move until the money moves in the wrong way. It’s like that primitive mindset that ‘might makes right’. If Walmart’s stock started dropping and it was connected to low pay, you would see legislators and the public leaping to the fore, but since that’s not going to happen, because the Supreme Court and the Republicans have given corporations even more power, the Walmart employees have only one recourse, and that’s boycotting and protesting.

With Sanders on their side, however, their voices are being heard. Should Sanders win the presidency you can rest assured you’ll be seeing sweeping reforms regarding corporate greed and suppression.

Bernie Sanders continues to show that he’s the most brave and honest politician to come along since President Dwight Eisenhower, and he’d make a great addition to the presidential pantheon.