Today: Monday, 20 May 2024 year

Bernie Sanders tries to lure Donald Trump voters to his side

In his attempt to surpass Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House and become the Democratic party’s nominee, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is looking forward to obtaining support from a totally unexpected source: Donald Trump’s fan base.

During this Sunday’s “Face the Nation” show, hosted by CBS, Bernie Sanders, well-known for being a self-proclaimed democratic-socialist, made a reference to “angry” Americans, frustrated by financial issues and concerned by current foreign terrorism problems.

Donald Trump’s fears are legitimate, says Bernie Sanders

“What I’m suggesting is that what Trump has done with some success has taken that anger, taken those fears — which are legitimate — and converted them into anger against Mexicans, anger against Muslims,” Mr. Sanders said.

Still, even though he admitted to have similar concerns as Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders insisted to mention that he offered a different approach to the situation, very different to Mr. Trump’s controversial rhetorical spasms.

“People should be brought together.”

“For his working class and middle class support,” he said, “we can make the case that if we really want to address the issues that people are concerned about…we need policies that bring us together, that take on the greed of Wall Street the greed of corporate America and create a middle class that works for all of us rather than an economy that works just for a few.”

Like expected, Bernie Sanders‘ comments reached Donald Trump and shortly, the Republican responded. Surprisingly, he only mentioned Mr. Sanders’ suggestion that his economic plan could hurt low-wage workers.

“@BernieSanders-who blew his campaign when he gave Hillary a pass on her e-mail crime, said that I feel wages in America are too high. Lie!,” Trump tweeted.

The campaign will solve the issues with the DNC

Lately, Bernie Sanders‘ campaign has been a subject of an ‘internal scandal’, criticizing the Democratic National Committee that the party is currently favoring Hillary Clinton. Also, one of the staff members was recently fired for improperly accessing Clinton’s voter outreach data.

“It’s not as if we conjured this guy Josh [Uretsky, Sanders’ former national data director] from thin air,” a source said. “This is an individual … who was recommended to us by the DNC and NGP VAN.”

Mr. Sanders declared that currently, he’s looking forward to move over the differences his campaign has with the DNC. “We have had our differences of opinions with the DNC,” he said. “But at the end of the day, the DNC, Hillary Clinton and myself — we want to defeat right-wing extremism in this country.”

Finally, when asked about Donald Trump’s latest attack to fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton, suggestion that Bill “has demonstrated a penchant for sexism” and shouldn’t support her, Bernie Sanders had a very smooth response, according to The Guardian.

“The real issues are not Donald Trump’s vulgarity – and he is vulgar – it is the fact that Donald Trump does not think we should not be raising the minimum wage, he believe wages in America are too high,” Sanders said. “Meanwhile what he wants to do is divide our country between Latinos and Americans and Muslims and everybody else. That’s not the kind of America we need.”