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Beyoncé on the ultimate diet: ‘I want my Destiny’s Child body back!’

Beyoncé on the ultimate diet: ‘I want my Destiny’s Child body back!’

Beyoncé’s body is just perfect, in the mid-2000s this woman took the baton from another Latino beauty, JLo, and set new standards of the women’s beauty. After giving the birth to the twins last month, the pop diva wants back her Destiny’s Child body back.

Beyoncé embarks on the ultimate diet to regain her pre-pregnancy figure, but the mother-of-two fully understands that being a health-conscious mum is important too. She also has her man in mind and wants to get Jay going crazy over her world-famous curves, just like in the Destiny’s Child days, and reignite their romance.

Since July, Beyonce is sticking to organic greens and pulses, as well as having a chef on hand for cold-pressed juices, smoothies and nutritious meals. The singer is planning to supplement her diet with the infamous cayenne pepper and maple syrup juice she used to shape up for her Dreamgirls role in 2006.

The pop diva doesn’t starve to lose her extra weight, in Beyonce’s diet plan you can see even the banana and coconut cake – the dessert helps not to lose the courage in the fighting with the calories.

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Beyonce’s diet: daily plan for losing the weight

Breakfast: Frittata on organic eggs, washed down with coconut water

Snack: Raw green juice made with apple, moringa leaves, cucumber, kale and mint

Lunch: Organic salad with grilled salmon

Snack: Cashew nuts

Dinner: Spelt spaghetti or black bean pasta bake with red split lentils or Caribbean ackee and saltfish with brown rice

Dessert: Banana and coconut cake

Drinks: Moringa and ginger herbal tea, and lots of water to help maintain energy levels

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