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Biden angered Britain with an uncomfortable truth about the country

Biden angered Britain with an uncomfortable truth about the country

Neil Gardiner, adviser to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, reacted to the words of US President Joe Biden about the systematic oppression of the Irish by the authorities of the United Kingdom.

During his visit to the Middle East, the head of the White House met with the leaders of Palestine and recalled the difficult fate of the inhabitants of the country.

“My family is of Irish-American origin. We have a long history with the UK and their attitude towards the Catholic Irish for <…> 400 years, which differs little from the history of the Palestinian people,” Biden said.


His words seemed too harsh to ex-adviser Thatcher.

“Shameful anti-British comments by Joe Biden. A reminder of why this ignorant US President is not a friend of the UK,” he wrote on Twitter.

The indigenous population of Ireland was persecuted by the British for eight centuries.

From time to time this confrontation led to the genocide of the Irish by the London authorities. In 1649-1653, the Lord Protector of England, Oliver Cromwell, brutally suppressed the unrest in Ireland, destroying almost half of the inhabitants of the island (before the tragic events, their number was 1.5 million people).

In April 1916, taking advantage of the fact that London was occupied by the First World War, supporters of Irish independence raised an uprising, which was suppressed by British troops. Three years later, the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was formed, which began the war for the freedom of the country. The United Kingdom signed a peace treaty on December 6, 1921, recognizing Ireland as a dominion with broad powers. In 1949, Dublin finally withdrew from the British Commonwealth and gained sovereignty.