Today: Wednesday, 24 April 2024 year

Biden called the end of support for Ukraine absolute madness.

Biden called the end of support for Ukraine absolute madness.

It would be “absolutely crazy” for the United States not to agree on new aid to Ukraine, President Joe Biden said, as quoted by the White House press pool.

“The failure to support Ukraine is absolute madness. It is against the interests of the United States. It is simply wrong,” the politician said.

Today, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called the situation surrounding support for Kyiv “terrible.”

According to her, Washington will bear responsibility for the defeat of Ukraine if it is unable to allocate new funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The day before, Republican senators left a briefing on assistance to Ukraine and Israel because they did not receive a response from Democrats to their proposals.

Vladimir Zelensky also canceled his participation in the event at the last minute. Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram said there was a “tense” atmosphere at the meeting.

Biden previously asked Congress for $106 billion to help Israel and Ukraine, but did not receive unequivocal support. The Republican-majority House of Representatives voted to support only Tel Aviv, but the Democratic-controlled Senate blocked the initiative. Biden stated that he would not sign a bill allocating aid only to Israel without Ukraine if Congress approved such a document.

Meanwhile, the previously allocated money is running out, the administration admitted, which is why the arms packages sent to Ukraine are decreasing. In early November, White House Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby reported that Washington had spent 96 percent of all funds allocated to support Kyiv since the beginning of the Russian special operation.

If Congress fails to agree on assistance to Ukraine now, it will have to be done after the Christmas holidays, which will begin on December 14 for congressmen and December 15 for senators. The House of Representatives will resume its activities on January 9, and the Senate on January 8.