Today: Sunday, 21 April 2024 year

Biden criticized the judge for banning the abortion drug.

U.S. President Joe Biden has lashed out at a Texas court ruling that banned an abortion drug.

“A district judge in Texas has single-handedly decided that drugs that have been available on prescription for more than 22 years, approved by the medical regulator and used effectively and safely by millions of women here and around the world, should no longer be approved in the United States. The court replaced the position of an expert regulatory agency that approves drugs. If this ruling remains in place, there will be no drug approved by the regulator that is immune from this kind of political and ideological attack,” Biden said in a widespread comment.

He said the court banned the medical abortion drug, which is used in half of abortion procedures in the US. Biden called the court decision another attack on women’s freedom of choice, noting that it could limit women’s access to medicines even in states where abortion is legal. “This is a big step towards the national abortion ban that elected Republicans promised at the legislative level,” Biden said.

He said that the Department of Justice will appeal the decision of the court in Texas.