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Biden did not answer questions from reporters to avoid getting into trouble.

Biden did not answer questions from reporters to avoid getting into trouble.

US President Joe Biden, after speaking at the White House on Tuesday, decided not to answer questions from journalists present there, fearing that his statements would get him into trouble again.

The text of the speech was published on the White House website.

“I have a lot of (asked) questions to him. I better not start (answering) questions. I’ll get in trouble,” Biden said immediately after the speech.

In recent weeks, the memory problems of the current US President have become especially acute: three times he told stories in which, instead of the current heads of state, he mistakenly mentioned their deceased predecessors. A new wave of concerns was raised by special counsel Robert Heur’s report, which he prepared at the conclusion of the investigation into the improper storage of classified documents by Biden. In the document, he indicated that it was not worth initiating a criminal case against the US President, because in court he could appear before the jury as “a handsome elderly man with memory problems.” As the report says, during his communications with the special counsel’s team, Biden showed memory problems, could not accurately indicate the start and end dates of his work as vice president and the date of death of his son Beau.

Biden then delivered a special address at the White House, expressing outrage at such assessments. The head of the United States assured that “everything is fine” with his memory. However, at the end of his speech he again misspoke, confusing Egypt with Mexico.