Today: Tuesday, 23 April 2024 year

Biden signed legislation to fund government operations.

Biden signed legislation to fund government operations.

US President Joe Biden signed a bill to fund the federal government, a plan that does not include additional aid to Israel and Ukraine, the White House said.

“On Thursday, November 16, the President approved a law <…> that provides for the allocation of appropriations to federal agencies for the 2024 fiscal year until January 19, 2024,” a publication on the American administration’s website says.

Due to inter-party disagreements, Congress cannot agree on the adoption of a permanent budget, so temporary ones are adopted over and over again. Another compromise initiative introduced by House Speaker Mike Johnson does not provide for the $106 billion requested by the administration for aid to Ukraine and Israel, which Democrats insist on, but does not contain budget cuts that Republicans are seeking.

The bill is designed to prevent a shutdown—a stop in the work of federal government agencies due to missing the deadline set for adopting a budget. The document provides for two-stage funding: for part of the programs related to transport, energy and military construction, money will be allocated until mid-January, for other government sectors – until early February.

Previously, the project was supported by the Senate, and the House of Representatives approved the document on November 14.

In turn, the issue of assistance to Ukraine and Israel will have to be considered separately. Biden requested $106 billion for this, but did not receive unequivocal support in Congress. The Republican-majority House voted to allocate aid only to Israel, but the Democratic-controlled Senate blocked the initiative. Biden has already stated that he will not sign a bill allocating aid only to Israel without Ukraine if Congress approves such a document.