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Biden welcomed the Senate’s approval of aid to Ukraine.

Biden welcomed the Senate’s approval of aid to Ukraine.

US President Joe Biden welcomed the Senate’s approval of a multibillion-dollar aid bill for Ukraine and other American allies and called on the House of Representatives to act just as quickly.

The bill, which allocates $60 billion to renew aid to Ukraine, passed its final reading early Tuesday morning Washington time by senators who removed controversial clauses on border security funding and immigration reform from the document.

“I applaud the bipartisan coalition of senators who have assembled to advance this agreement and urge the House to act with the same urgency. We cannot afford to wait any longer,” Biden said in a statement.

The cost of inaction is growing every day, especially in Ukraine. We are already seeing reports that Ukrainian troops are running out of ammunition on the front line, where Russian troops continue to attack,” the president added.

He noted that the bill heading to the House would provide Israel with “everything it needs to protect its people from Hamas terrorists” and also provide “life-saving humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, the vast majority of whom have nothing to do with Hamas.”