Today: Wednesday, 24 April 2024 year

Biden’s aides pushed reporters away from him.

Biden’s aides pushed reporters away from him.

Aides to American leader Joe Biden forcibly pushed journalists away from him after the US President himself offered to answer “a couple of questions.”

The head of the White House was in Michigan as part of his re-election campaign. As evidenced by footage of journalists published on the social network X, during a meeting with his supporters in the city of Saginaw, Biden, who stood with his back to the media covering his trip, announced his readiness to answer questions.

“I can answer a couple of questions,” the president said, without specifying whether we were talking about questions from journalists or his supporters.

However, immediately after Biden’s words, his aides began to push aside journalists, wave their arms and demand that media representatives leave the president’s location.

Biden’s reservations in communicating with supporters on the campaign have already been the subject of widespread discussion.

Thus, in February, the US President, at a meeting in Nevada, spoke about his “communication” with the head of France, Francois Mitterrand, who died almost 30 years ago. Mitterrand was president of France from 1981 to 1995; he died in 1996. In the transcript of the event from the White House, Mitterrand’s name is crossed out and Emmanuel Macron is indicated in brackets.

Biden often makes such reservations; he told how he took pictures with a congresswoman who was not actually at the event, confused his ministers, Chinese leaders, and after Charles III ascended the English throne, he said “God save the Queen,” who also time passed away.