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Big Ben clock stopped working in London

Big Ben clock stopped working in London

The clock installed on one of the main symbols of Great Britain – the Big Ben tower in London – has stopped working. This was reported on the official page of the British Parliament on Twitter.

The clock stopped for technical reasons.

“Today you may have noticed that the clock on the Elisabeth Tower is showing the wrong time. Their work had to be suspended and restarted in order to install some key components of the watch, ”the message says.

The clock is expected to resume operation soon.

The clock tower of the Palace of Westminster, 96 meters high, was built in 1856 by the English architect Augustus Pugin. The tower is a monument of the Victorian era and is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The clock and tower were painted in the usual black and gold colors in the 1980s.

Big Ben’s bell, which weighs 13.7 tons, rings every hour, with additional bells ringing every 15 minutes. For 157 years, the bell worked almost without pauses.

From 2017 to 2021, the clock on the Big Ben tower was being repaired. An elevator was installed in the building, the dial was equipped with an LED suspension, and the mechanism was restored.