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Bill Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders

Bill Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders

Former US. President Bill Clinton fired some attacks against his wife political rival Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Sunday.

“Hillary’s opponent has a different view,” Clinton said, declining to mention Sanders by name. “It’s a hermetically sealed box. It’s very effective. The system is rigged against you by the big banks, and both parties are in the thrall of the big banks. Anybody who takes money from Goldman Sachs couldn’t possibly be president.”

Clinton was particularly showing some traits of animosity when referencing a CNN report about how Sanders has been a prolific fundraiser for the Democratic Party — meaning he has close ties with the millionaires and billionaires, including some in the financial sector, he regularly rails against.

Clinton stated he “fell out of [his] chair” after reading the story, joking that Sanders “may have to tweak that answer a little bit, or we may have to get a write-in candidate.”

Hillary Clinton has also raised up her criticism of Sanders, leveling accusations against him and his campaign during the last debate of engaging in “artful smears” against her.

But her campaign members are shying away from engaging in such an extensive takedown until Sunday. Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill Clinton himself was significantly more restrained while campaigning last week in Iowa, according to Politico.

Clinton on Sunday also accused Sanders’ supporters of being sexist and attacking his wife’s backers online.

“[Those] who have gone online to defend Hillary and explain why they’re supporting her have been subject to vicious trolling and attacks,” Clinton said, calling the comments “profane” and “sexist.”

Sanders denounced these so-called “Bernie bros” earlier Sunday in an interview with CNN.