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Bill Clinton says he does not owe Monica Lewinsky an apology

Bill Clinton says he does not owe Monica Lewinsky an apology

Bill Clinton who teamed up with James Patterson for the new thrilling novel The President Is Missing said he does not owe the former White House intern an apology. According to BBC, ex-president believes ‘Monica Lewinsky affair was dealt with correctly’.

During the interview about promotion Mr Clinton’s new fictional novel The President Is Missing written with author James Patterson, the former president was asked about Monica Lewinsky’s episode. Bill Clinton bristled when asked about that his relationship with the former White House intern more than two decades ago.

He said he dealt with it 20 years ago, moreover,  two-thirds of the American people stayed with their then-president. In fact, Senate acquitted Clinton and he remained in the White House, his wife Hillary was always by his side.

“And I’ve tried to do a good job since then, and with my life and with my work. That’s all I have to say,”

Mr Clinton said but added later, when he was pressed on whether he should have resigned:

“I think I did the right thing. I defended the Constitution.”

Asked by NBC News if he ever apologised personally to Miss Lewinsky he confirmed he didn’t do that.

“I have never talked to her. But I did say publicly, on more than one occasion, that I was sorry. That’s very different. The apology was public,”

Bill Clinton said. Twenty years ago, the White House ex-intern has maintained that her relationship with the former American leader was consensual, but she called it a “gross abuse of power”.