Today: Sunday, 26 May 2024 year

Bill Clinton temporarily lost American “nuclear button” during his second term

Bill Clinton became “famous” because of the Lewinsky scandal, but this adultery wasn’t his worst misstep at the workplace. According to military sources, the former president endangered America, when he temporarily lost the “nuclear button”.

In fact, Mr. Clinton did not lose the real button device. Journalist Ronald Kessler described the real American nuclear weapon launcher as a titanium business case with leather cover and cipher lock. The man called this 40-pound device a “nuclear football”. And Bill Clinton lost personal codes that gave him access to this “button’s” functions during his second term. The data set, called the “biscuit” gave president the ability to confirm the launch.

This disappearance was confirmed at least by two sources. One is the retired general Hugh Shelton. The man mentioned that officials didn’t know about codes’ location for months. The situation created a real danger for USA, because it wasn’t able to launch weapons in case of need.

The second source is Robert Patterson, who retired from the Air Force in the rank of lieutenant colonel. Here is how he described the situation:

We called upstairs, we started a search around the White House for the codes, and [Bill] finally confessed that he in fact misplaced them. He couldn’t recall when he had last seen them.

Sources mentioned that codes “were” lost for months, that embraces hope the USA have all access to their nuclear weapons. However, this story gives cause for reflection that the President is also a person who can make a big damage because of own inattention or negligence.

Bill Clinton’s wife prepares to debates with Trump

While the mentioned Lewinsky scandal happened at the end of the last century, it still can be an interesting topic for discussions. That’s why the Democratic party worries Donald Trump will mention this event during the scheduled debate with their nominee Hillary Clinton. Her campaign members search for a close ally willing to dredge up the most awkward, painful accusations against the candidate.

Clinton’s team is beginning its preparation ahead of the first general election debate scheduled for Sept. 26 at Hofstra University. And one of the key components of that prep, campaign allies said, is finding a person who can stand in as Donald Trump during mock debates and launch personal attacks on the former secretary of state that will make the real Trump look tame by comparison.