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Blac Chyna and Rob still together, here’s an answer why

Blac Chyna and Rob still together, here’s an answer why

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are still an item despite their separation and splitting. And their friends and colleagues know why these two different people are still together. The answer is rather simple: it’s product production, in which these young and famous celebs play their part.

Blac Chyna is an actress and exotic dancer, the young woman likes to be in the centre of attention. So, her meeting with Rob from the famous family was a lucky lottery ticket for her. At the same time, this proactive woman is responsible for a host of negative Kardashian-related press over the recent weeks.

Frankly, the momager Kris Jenner is angry with her daughter-in-law for the Chyna’s bringing the entire family down. And it’s not about Rob’s romantic issues, it’ about business. Over the past couple of weeks, rumours have consistently suggested that Blac is looking to secure a multi-million dollar book deal for a tell-all about her time with the Kardashians. After Bruce-Caitlyn Jenner’ opus, it is more than mighty Kris is able to bear.

Despite all this, the childish hunky-dory between Blac and their ‘co-parenting and working on themselves’ looks more cordial now than they have been. The fans suggest that wasn’t too hard indeed. According to the recent reports, Blac and Rob haven’t begun filming Rob & Chyna season two because a) “Kris is controlling everything” and b) “That show got huge ratings [but] KUWTK is tanking in the ratings.”

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